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Acerca de la plataforma

  • Suramerica Abierta

    If you travel through South America, in this portal you will find all the migratory information you need

Entry points enabled by country (air, land, river and sea)

About the platform

This web platform called "Open South America" ​​aims to ensure that migrants and key actors in the region have access to updated and reliable information on the measures adopted by governments in the area of ​​human mobility and health.

Suramérica Abierta shares exhaustive information on the measures implemented, including border restrictions, quarantine requirements, and COVID-19 tests for migrants and travelers in the region. By providing critical information from reliable sources, the web platform and mobile application seek to combat misinformation and facilitate migration and mobility in the region.

This regional project was developed during the exercise of the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Argentine Republic of the MERCOSUR Specialized Migration Forum and the South American Conference on Migration, and has the support of the United Nations International Organization for Migration.

The initiative shows the positive results that the synergy between MERCOSUR and the CSM can have, to promote safe, orderly and regular migration with the hope that we will soon recover the Open South America that we always live in.

On this platform you will find information about:

  • National context
  • Epidemiological situation
  • Measures against COVID
  • Entry restrictions
  • Travel documents
  • Enabled entry points
  • Restrictions on internal mobility
  • Entry requirements for the country
  • Access to health services
  • Mercosur Nationals
  • Nationals of other countries
  • NNAs accompanied by both legal representatives
  • NNAs accompanied by a legal representative
  • Unaccompanied NNAs
  • Others

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