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Restrictions on internal mobility

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Restrictions on internal mobility

There are no restrictions, but regulations are given according to the Phase in which the respective Commune of origin and destination is located.

3 phases are created: 1. Low Sanitary Impact; 2. Medium Health Impact and 3. High Health Impact.

Measures are provided for each of them.

For more information see the link:

Step by Step plan.

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It is provided that, for the use of beaches, rivers, lakes, lagoons and swimming pools, those over 12 years of age must present the physical or virtual card that certifies having completed, in Peru and/or abroad, their vaccination schedule.

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The vaccination certificate or card with a complete scheme is mandatory for interprovincial, intraprovincial and tourism transport.

No passenger will be able to travel if they do not carry their ID and if they have not been vaccinated.

It is especially recommended to wear a mask in closed places such as public transport.

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There are no national prohibitions on travel between cities or between departments.

All people must comply with the biosecurity and self-care measures established by the Ministry of Health and municipalities.

Resolution No. 666/022.

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